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Why Use HoofKantoor?

  • Hoofkantoor is a free real-time, on-line web system; all you need is access to the internet.
  • Get bookings from anywhere in the world at any time of the day or night when you use Hoofkantoor.
  • Hoofkantoor clients can even sign-up activities or partners around them to increase their income potential.
  • Get value-added marketing exposure through all our internet Agency pages.

Why Use HoofKantoor?

Hoofkantoor gives you the opportunity to manage your own accommodation (hotels, motels, guesthouses, apartments, vacation homes) as well as activities (hot air balloon rides, horseback riding trips, scuba dives, and scenic drives) functions and events easily and cost-effectively.

Small to large-sized lodging or activity and functions establishments will love this booking and payment system’s user-friendliness.

Larger hotels, camp sites, apartment houses as well as leasing agencies, appreciate the fact that the Hoofkantoor management system allows them to manage numerous facilities with ease.

Aside from internet reservations for accommodation/activities/events, you can manage your guest profiles, set up different pricing plans for the upcoming seasons, quickly contact guests via mail or SMS text message, get daily check-in reports and much more.

Save time and costs while Hoofkantoor collects your payments.

Even more advantages of this reservations management system:

  • No software downloads and updates
  • No licenses or added functionality costs
  • Real-time booking fee collections
  • Variable price management (seasonal prices)
  • Easily increase or decrease prices
  • Create packages for specials and promotions
  • Contact clients by e-mail or text messages (SMS)
  • Visual reservation schedule (including- display of all units, availability search, category selection, different booking statuses, bookings made list and list of all checked-in guests)

What’s more, clients can:

  • Book online from your website
  • Get a Book Online button on your web page
  • Get a real-time availability link on your web page
  • Get linked to other on-line marketing sites

Specific advantages of the Hoofkantoor Online Booking System:

  • Bookings from Vendors’ web pages only link to their venue on Hoofkantoor
  • Real-time synchronization of occupancy data, prices, child discounts, extras
  • Easily create "blocked time frames" during which no internet booking can be made
  • In-house Reception user set up available
  • Different search modes - accommodation (category mode or simple mode) and activities
  • Online bookings are received directly on your Hoofkantoor system (including. guest data, deposit information, additional services)
  • Methods of payment: bank transfer and online credit card facility
  • Group bookings for any number of units or activities
  • Extras bookable online (mattresses)
  • Optionals easily added (bottle of champagne, complimentary meals)
  • Create Packages for specials and arrangements
  • Up to 4 levels of booking arrangement (Bed, room, floor, building)
  • Simple online administration of the booking system by means of a personalized login area
  • Edit and update what the public can read about your venue or activity
  • Tailor-made Terms and Conditions.
  • Upload images of venues and activities easily
  • Quick and easy integration into your website via link
  • Extra Free Marketing via numerous Agent web sites

And for your guests

Visitors to your website or Hoofkantoor partners can use the online booking system o quickly see whether there are any available units or activities, in their desired time period, and make instant bookings and payments.

If the desired time frame offers no availability, the guest can have a look at the overview of reservations in order to see when units will be free again.

It is also possible to book more than one unit at once (group booking) as well as make bookings for different dates at the same time.

As a Vendor, you can book your guests into other venues on the Hoofkantoor system.

Complete control for you as an owner

  • As an owner, you alone decide when, and which units are available for online booking.
  • You can set a minimum duration of stay.
  • You can also set specific week days for arrivals and departures.
  • You can choose to receive notification of all quotes and bookings made by e-mail via the online reservation system.
  • The Hoofkantoor Reception login automatically transfers walk-ins, deposits, extras and guest data to your Hoofkantoor setup, which keeps processing time and money collection to a minimum.

Less work and no risk of double bookings

The Hoofkantoor system centralises on-line bookings, as well as ‘at reception’ or agent bookings, all in one database.

You no longer have to manually edit availability or allocate different rentable units to each online booking engine, which eliminates the risk of double bookings.

Increase your occupancy rate with a shared central marketing database

We have several agents using the system, and all accommodation and/or activities on Hoofkantoor show on all these sites, thereby increasing your bookings possibilities enormously.

What does all this cost?

  • All Vendor (or own bookings) are FREE
  • All confirmed bookings made through the Hoofkantoor on-line booking system, will be subject to 10% commission plus VAT
  • If you don’t have a credit card machine, don’t turn the guest away – use our online credit card facility for a 3.5% fee

What do you need to get going?

  1. Get in touch with us
  2. Sign an agreement and provide us with the necessary information, which we will load onto the system for you, or we will train you to load it on the site yourself.
  3. Information needed
    1. Town, region and GPS co-ordinates of where you are located.
    2. Do you book per person or per room? Is it a sharing rate or flat rate?
    3. Once set up you can change these at any time.
    4. Do you cater for bed and breakfast? What is the additional cost for meals?
    5. Do you have specific Terms and Conditions that we need to put in?
    6. Pictures which we can load into your gallery (jpeg)
    7. Directions/map
    8. Your web address
    9. Exact Room configuration (types of beds) and facilities
    10. Exact information on activities being offered
  4. Receive Login name and password in seconds


  • Bookings on a central reservation system
  • Availability displays on a real-time calendar
  • Printing of customer bookings and receipts
  • Track payments
  • Track finances
  • An easy to use resource management and booking system for accommodation, equipment, location, transport and much more
  • Allows your guests to see your availability and make instant reservations
  • Simple, no fuss interface for quick & easy access
  • No banner or pop up ads
  • Units and activities can be put into groups for easier searches
  • Restrict when units are available, email reminders
  • Add your own extra fields to booking requirements

It's all here!

  • Registration is quick, and then you're free to use the site
  • Hoofkantoor is completely FREE to use
  • And because it is on the internet, you can book your units/activities from home, while on holiday or from the office, anytime!

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