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Frequently asked questions

  • How do I book my accommodation – go to www.yesbooknow.com Select your travel dates, put in the number of travellers, then type in the area you want to travel to in the "Where" box (as you type, names will come up underneath the box, then click on the area you want) then click on Search for a full list of venues on the system. When the list generates, under the one you want click on the "Click to view available units" and choose which room you want, then click "Add to Cart" from there follow the pages that come up.
  • I want to cancel a booking – if you made it through an agent – call your agent to do this for you. If you made it yourself, go into the booking and click on the "Cancel an item" icon, then click in the box next to the name of the unit you want to cancel, and click on the "Cancel" button. Remember to e-mail us your booking reference number, reason for cancellation, and bank details for any refund that may be due. Please see Terms and Conditions sent with your booking for the refund policy.
  • I want to modify an existing booking – Please contact your agent to do this. If you made it yourself, e-mail or call us to help.
  • I want to book multiple venue’s for a road trip – once you have added the first place to your cart, click on the search button and carry on as per no.1 above. Add each place to the cart separately.
  • I want to stay with venue X but do activity Y’s activities – no problem, add the accommodation to your cart, then click on search and book your activities.
  • I want to make a provisional booking – Follow the booking process to the end. The system holds your booking for 72 hours. If you do not want it, do not make payment and the system will release the accommodation.
  • I want to pay by Credit Card – when you complete your booking a payment options page comes up – click on "Pay via CC". This will take you to our secure online credit card facility.
  • I want to pay per EFT – choose the "Pay by EFT" option at the end of your booking. You will get an e-mail with your booking details. On that e-mail (not in the attachment) is our banking details
  • I want to pay with direct bank deposit - choose the "Pay by EFT" option at the end of your booking. You will get an e-mail with your booking details. On that e-mail (not in the attachment) is our banking details
  • I want more information on a venue, package or activity – most of the information available is in the descriptions that are on the system – otherwise send us an e-mail and we will help where we can
  • I don’t have specific dates yet – if you use www.yesbooknow.com you can do a search without specific dates. However you will need actual dates to make a confirmed booking.
  • How do I get directions – Can I download a route map for my GPS – for now contact us to help if you cannot do this on googlemaps.
  • Send a suggestion for improvement – please e-mail us directly at bookings@hoofkantoor.com or bookings@yesbooknow.com
  • What is the T&C’s for the venue’s and my bookings – these will be e-mailed to you, with any bookings you make.
  • Do you have a mobile app to manage my bookings – this is coming soon
  • I have a special booking request that I cannot do on the site, now what – please e-mail us and an agent will contact you to assist
  • Do you have representation in other countries - Yes, contact us to add your country/region
  • Do you have any positions available – please e-mail us your CV. Presently we only have Agents positions, which is purely on a commission basis.
  • I want to book a meeting room at your venue, how do you handle this - You can book the "events" we have on the system for meetings, conferences and weddings.
  • I want to add my practice for consultation bookings, how do I do that? - Sign up as a Vendor, and we will be in touch to follow through and assist to get you signed up and running.
  • My company staff travel a lot do you offer special rates for regular corporate bookings – we can only offer rates according to the venues you book, but please feel free to contact us to make the booking for you, and we will do our best to get you the best rates we can.
  • What happens with my personal data and payment details – this is highly confidential, and is only available to the Agent who booked you, or if you made a direct booking then your information is available to our Admin office only.
  • At what stage is my booking binding, should I lose internet connection in the middle of a transaction what happens – all bookings are held for 72 hours. Once you have paid your deposit then your booking is a binding one. Should you loose connection and you are in the middle of a booking, please contact us, as the accommodation will be held for 10 minutes before being released for booking again.
  • How do you handle and charge for refund request if I made a mistake – please contact us directly to deal with this. Our Terms and Conditions get sent out with the booking you have made.
  • My arrival dates has changed at last minute, family or situation beyond my control like flight delay, weather issues - please contact us directly to deal with this. Our Terms and Conditions get sent out with the booking you have made.
  • Can I make part payments over a period for my reservation – not at present. In the near future we may have something set up.
  • I want to advertise on your site - please contact us directly to deal with this.
  • I want to be listed on front page and main banner - please contact us directly to deal with this.
  • I’ve never camped, gone skiing or been to Africa what do I need to pack and know - please contact us directly to assist with the place you have booked.
  • Do you have a listing fee, I don’t want to add life booking yet – we list your venue free of charge.
  • Do you have a support system – you can e-mail us anytime, and our offices are are open during business hours
  • Do you offer travel insurance – no we do not. Please make sure you arrange this before you travel.
  • Do you offer visa advice and services – unfortunately we do not currently offer this service.
  • I’ve never crossed a border in Africa what are the procedures – at present we do not know what all the borders require. Please call them directly.
  • Can I get weather predictions and updates for my destination – we will assist where we can. We advise you use www.snowforecast.com – as they show both rain and snow.
  • Can you do restaurant bookings for me with my accommodation – most venues allow this to be done, yes

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